Astoria Air Ambulance does the heavy lifting,

from care coordination, insurance pre-authorizations, patient advocacy and more. Our team of flight coordinators, dispatchers, and clinicians remove barriers to get patients to facilities with ease. We operate 24/7/365 and we have dedicated resources that partner with facilities across the country.

Expert Adult & Pediatric Transfers


● Traumatic Brain Injury
● Spinal Cord Injury
● Stroke
● Multiple Sclerosis
● Muscular Dystrophy
● Limb Amputation

Specialty Acute Care

● Cancer
● Cardiac Care
● Organ Transplants
● Status Post Trauma
● Respiratory Illness
● Mental Health

The Astoria Flight Coordination Team

At Astoria Air Ambulance, we are committed to high-quality care, which means having a flight coordination team available to you 24/7, that manages all of the details of your transfer. Our team simplifies your air medical transfer by arranging all air and ground transportation, communicating with healthcare professionals at the current facility and at the destination facility, and by putting together a personalized in-flight care plan from all of the patients’ medical records. Patients will also receive a complete transport itinerary. If the patient has a companion passenger flying with them, the Astoria team will also handle arrangements for them.

Patient Advocacy

Because patients are our number one priority here at Astoria Air Ambulance, we dedicate an insurance advocate to every patient. This advocate communicates with the patient’s insurance company to review benefits and verify eligibility, identify any additional coverage and handle the flight pre-authorizations to minimize patients’ out-of-pocket expenses.


Onboard every flight there are two highly trained Critical Care clinicians. These clinicians have years of experience in critical care settings and have worked with over 5,000 healthcare facilities across the country. To make your trip as seamless, safe, and as comfortable as possible, the same Critical Care medical team remains with the patient from start to finish in air and on the ground. The clinicians will receive detailed nurse-to-nurse medical briefing at the sending facility, make sure the patient is safely escorted in a ground ambulance to the air ambulance, will monitor the patient the whole way, bedside-to-bedside, provide ICU care, and of course present a full medical report to healthcare professionals.


Our partner’s planes are medically configured jet aircrafts have intensive care unit capabilities and can deliver faster airspeed, longer flight range, and higher altitude capability for smoother flights. On every flight, domestic or international, there are two pilots and two Critical Care clinicians that are with you from start to finish of your medical transfer, providing you with bedside-to-beside service. On the aircraft there is a custom stretcher, base life ports, a heart monitor that uses Zoll Propaq MD, multi-channel IV pump, and a LTV 1200 ventilator.


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